Staff Training & Professional Development

Training2FTMCL is passionate about delivering the best L&D solutions to help your organization evaluate strengths, develop talent, train leadership, and manage change. We understand the criticality of corporate learning and development, and we have the experience to help ensure your project’s success.

We are committed to developing our employees, helping them to achieve their full potential, enhancing their professional skills, developing their efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace, and empowering employees by increasing their impact.

FTMCL Staff Selection has recruitment focus specifically on the Human Resources industry.

Selection & Placement

FTMC will be responsible for the:-

  • Recruiting process
  • Short-listing
  • Interviewing
  • Selecting
  • Checking and contacting the referees
  • Consultants/Trainers
  • Resource Persons

Leadership Development

We specialize in training and development, team dynamics, and coaching and consulting services that are tailored to your business, your challenges, and your people. We are experts at developing leaders, managers, teams, and other trainer / facilitators – providing them with the knowledge, tools, and motivation that lead to winning results and extraordinary business outcomes.

Leadership Excellence

Organizational Excellence Starts with – L&D is one of the biggest challenges for organizations today – but it doesn’t have to be, our team will introduce the transformative principles of a proprietary leadership development model tailored to your organisation.

Building Teams

Your agility is determined by your ability to not only adapt to continuous, constant and unrelenting change, but to leverage it as a competitive advantage. FTMCL We’ll teach your team to leverage, which will drive continuous adaptive learning through a shared agile process.

Change Management

We live in an increasingly turbulent and complex world, requiring organizations to constantly address change. Unfortunately, the common human reaction to complexity is to fight it with more complexity but complexity can only be fought with simplicity, and change cannot be managed, it must be led.


This is about designing the future. It’s about identifying your competitive advantages, then developing those competitive advantages for optimal leveraging within your market.
But today’s complex, rapidly changing market creates an environment where it’s not enough to simply develop a great strategy, your organization must be prepared to shift or pivot your strategic efforts rapidly to adapt to uncontrollable events or capitalize on new opportunities.

Developing A Great Strategy Is One Thing, Executing It Is Everything

FT Executives know how to align execution across diverse teams, and can demonstrate how you can do the same in today’s rapidly changing business environments. To succeed, your teams must know how to identify and mitigate performance draining.

Continuous Improvement

Being close to something doesn’t always give you the best view of it. It often takes another set of eyes, standing at a distance, to bring it all into focus. When you entrust that responsibility to FTMC, you will get a different perspective and a solution
Whether you are considering the possibility of a new process of record or just starting your journey to continuous improvement, our staff will train you to meet your needs.

Let us help you:

• Develop and increase leadership skills and your ability to influence

• Improve inter-personal skills and relationships with others in your life’s circles

• Create high performance teams

• Develop a collaborative Strategic Plan

• Assess improvement opportunities in your organization

• Increase your effectiveness in resolving conflict