Welcome at Fast Track Management Consultancy

aboutusFast-Track Management Consultants Limited is situated in Dam Estate House No.77 Off Langata Road Nairobi, Kenya and was incorporated in January 2003 under the laws of the Republic of Kenya with a corporate view and mandate of providing distinctive consultancy services to both private and public enterprises in the Republic of Kenya.

Fast –Track Management Consultants Limited has since its inception, emerged as a centre of excellence in the provision of Manpower services, management Consultancy, Recruitment, Training & Development, Contract Management, Research & Survey, Strategic Planning to name but a few.

Fast-Track Management Consultants Limited (FTMCL) incorporated in the year 2003. We align ourselves with our client and candidates as partners to assist them in achieving their goals and objectives. We offer highly competent human resource consultancy services to various organizations within the Republic of Kenya .

FTMCL is situated in Langata, Dam Estate House, No. 77, off Langata Road. We have a strong and competent authoritative team of professionals in this field. This dynamic, experienced and competent team forms a pool and reservoir of valuable knowledge, expertise and skills, which are deployed in the provision of human resource consultancy services to our esteemed corporate clients.

Vision Statement

“Providing exemplary services to all our clients”

Mission Statement

“Our mission is embodied in our promise to deliver exemplary services that meet our client’s needs and expectations in the areas of human resources management, recruitment, selection, placement, training and development, events management, management consultancy and accountancy, among others. We achieve this through our commitment to integrity and performance by a highly motivated, skilled and professional team which is always at the end of the line and readily available to serve our clients”

Guiding Principles

• We will exceed the expectations of each and every client whose partnership is our primary purpose and mission.
• We will contract qualified and experienced professionals and staff to service our clients in a partnership relationship.
• We will create a synergy by forming strong partnership with those who share our values.
• We will establish standards of excellence which exceed the benchmark of international industry practice.
• We will challenge problems and solve them with creativity and innovation.
• We will apply quality leadership and management principles and practice to foster continual employee development.
• We will treat each other, our clients and our partners with respect and dignity.
• We hold integrity and honesty as our most important values and perform at the highest ethical standards at all times.
• We will achieve a competitive return for our investors.
• We will strive for continuous improvement in everything we do.
• We will re-invest in the communities we serve.


Fast-Track Management Consultants Limited is guided by the following values in formulating goals and measuring their performance as follows:

Our principle strengths are our service providers and staff whom we view as partners and whom we value highly and continue to assist in their personal and professional development. Honesty, integrity, teamwork, consultation, involvement and respect for others are our core human values.

We acknowledge the rights of all our clients to enjoy a fair and equitable relationship with us. Our business relationship will be characterized by both their long-term and mutually beneficial nature.

Professional Care
We value highly quality management consultancy services, which have measurable outcomes, are both cost-effective, value adding and represent value-for-money. We provide our services in an innovative and personalized manner.

We value our shareholders and provide them with a competitive return on their investment through efficient management and matching our services to market demand